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The CH-DCBL-AHD is a high resolution, dual camera with brake light for use on caravans, motorhomes and trade bodies or canopies to provide full-time rear vision and reverse view in a stylish design.

Brake Light Camera
The LED brake light is a universal, surface mounted type with standard 2 wire control and the unique dual camera is mounted centrally on this with the rear view camera facing straight back and a wide angle reverse camera facing down to give you a clear view of the area immediately behind. Once installed this camera looks completely integrated and far less of an add-on but as the system is fixed with no up-down adjustment, it may not suit everyone and in this case we suggest the CH-HPC2DB or CH-HPC2DW dual cameras.

This unit provides 720P AHD video for use with the latest, high resolution monitors and displays and will give clear, well defined images with vibrant colours, far superior to many low cost cameras without the large, often obtrusive product housings that are often used.

Dual camera/brake light installation

This uses a custom cable with either a caravan system which includes the removable curly cable or a 10m extension cable for single body applications.
Both cables have the 2:1 and 1:2 connections required for 2 signals in and 2 signals out.


In normal driving situations the main camera will be on and providing a constant view backwards and when combined with one our mirror/monitor displays it provides a view almost the same as the standard rear-view mirror.
Rear Vision on monitor
Choose a monitor from our range that best suits your vehicle and driving but for in-dash systems and older monitors please use the CH-DCBL-NTSC which has traditional CVBS video signal.

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