CH-AHDMBC Mirror Bracket Camera

Mirror Bracket Camera


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The CH-AHDMBC mirror bracket camera is a high resolution camera for heavy vehicle applications designed to be mounted on tubular mirror brackets and is primarily used for side view either with an in-cab display or for use with MDVR systems to record video onboard the vehicle.

The camera comprises a main body which is effectively a clamp holding the inner, ball style camera section which is able to be rotated 360o and also adjusted up, down, left right to get the correct viewing setup. The bracket section bolts to the main housing and if the bracket mount is not required this can be removed and the main body of the camera can be bolted directly to a flat surface.

The CH-AHDMBC is fitted with a Sony image sensor and has an effective pixel count of 1920(H)*1080(V) for 1080P output and is used as an external camera on many Chipatronic MDVR installations. The camera has a Mirror image as standard so can be used with a monitor as part of a reverse camera or rear-view system but can easily be changed to Real image by cutting the function wire on the cable. This change can be reversed by re-joining the wire.

The CH-AHDMBC mirror bracket camera is for use on the sides of trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles and depending on the requirements will be commonly used in conjunction with a Quad Monitor where multiple cameras are able to be displayed together on a single screen but can be setup to be displayed in a full screen when the indicators are switched on.
Cameras used in this way form what is termed an eMirror and often provide better visibility than side mirrors as the driver is not looking through the glass windows which can be partially obscured by rain, dirt etc. whereas the monitor is always inside the vehicle so the driver has a direct line of sight with nothing in between.

Where right and left side views are required to be shown together the CH-ST2DAHD7 monitor can be used as this has a split screen function where the images are shown side-by-side.

The main application for this camera though will be as part of a video recording systems connected to an MDVR such as the CH-AHDVR4-S where the views on each side of the truck will be recorded and this can also be setup to be shown on an attached monitor when the indicators are switched on to give the driver a better view than is sometimes available from the mirrors.

If the mirror bracket mounting is not suitable a surface mount, side camera can be used such as the CH-AHDSMEB which fits onto a flat surface.