Mini security camera for caravans, building sites & homes


The SSCWF-mini is a small and readily portable version of the solar security camera and comes with a detached solar panel which can either be mounted separately or only used when required as the internal batteries will provide more than 2 weeks of normal operation without additional charging. This can also be charged from any standard USB source making it a very simple solution for many different applications such as caravan/campsite monitoring, mobile equipment monitoring, building sites and home security

These cameras are able to be mounted almost anywhere and provide video coverage via the mobile app in real time plus video recording triggered by PIR.  When connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, notifications can be sent to your mobile to warn of activity and with 2 way audio capability this can even be used as a virtual doorbell. Video files are stored on a Micro SD card and can be accessed using the smartphone app. Perfect for black spots and those furthermost corners of large, external facilities that cannot be readily cabled. Suitable for car and caravan sales yards, building sites, transport holding yards, farms and rural properties and many other applications.


  • 2MP Camera
  • 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Extra low power consumption, 2-3 week battery life without charging
  • Solar panel included + can charge from USB
  • PIR sensing – Range 0 – 5m, 110o
  • Monitoring range – 0 – 10m, 120o
  • Power saving circuitry, wakes up on PIR detection
  • Push notification to mobile app (requires internet connection via Wi-Fi).
  • Weatherproof

Product Information Sheet Chipatronic Solar Security Cameras V1.0

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