Dual camera motorcycle dashcam with Wi-Fi

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The MCDV2HD-W2G is our latest dual camera motorcycle dashcam, now with Wi-Fi connectivity and weatherproof main DVR unit this unit is not just suitable for motorcycle use, it can be used on almost any powered vehicle where a small, weatherproof video recording system is required.

The MCDV2HD-W2G mororcycle dashcam has front and rear cameras so not only are you recording what is ahead but what is happening behind which can be just as important.
The front camera is Full HD (1080P) for the highest resolution images and the rear is HD (720P) and both cameras are IP67 waterproof, miniature “butterfly” style units which are easy to mount and unobtrusive.

Fully hard-wired for permanent recording the Smart Power module connects directly to the battery and senses the vibration of the engine to start the dashcam recording so there is less wiring required and with the maximum storage card size of 128GB (card not included) you can ride, play or work all day and not miss any action.

Wi-Fi connectivity with the Smartphone app means that you can check recordings easily without having to access the storage card and save files to edit and share later from your phone.

The kit is supplied complete with GPS to track the location (and speed) and this data is embedded into the video file although this can be turned off in the system settings or the GPS module disconnected should you not want this data saved. The saved videos can be viewed along with map location and track using the GVP software which can be downloaded for free, standard video playback will only show the onscreen data without map view.

A standard, hard-wired button is included which is normally mounted in the handlebars and this handlebar controller* is used to save special videos of interest so that you don’t have to search large quantities of files for the specific sections you wanted to see later. These files have a different naming to the standard loop video and can be quickly searched and played.

* This controller should not be used for novice riders or any rider not fully capable of operating this without taking their hands off the hand grips. The handlebar controller is not required for standard operation and if there is any question on the ability of the rider to use this safely it should not be fitted.

The MCDV2HD-W2G is supplied as a complete kit with everything you need to install it although professional fitting is recommended for anyone not familiar with auto electrics.

Click here to download the GVP software.

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