CH-AHDBUS – High resolution, internal camera for buses


The CH-AHDBUS is a High Resolution dome camera for use with analogue DVR systems, principally for buses or similar and fitted internally. The vandal resistant design is suitable for most buses and the housing is a surface mount, dome type so the camera can be rotated and adjusted as required. This camera has either a 720P

or 1080P resolution for high quality video and the 1080P version features a Sony image sensor incorporating WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) for better performance in variable light scenes such as a person sitting in front of a window with sunlight coming in. WDR decreases the bright light from the window and improves the visibility of area in front. There are also IR LEDs for night vision to 15m when the light is below the level required or normal colour imaging.
Supplied in Real Image output only to suit DVR systems.
The 4 pin connection suits our standard cable system to connect to the DVR.

Internal bus camera

1080P Bus Camera

If you require a similar camera but with different specifications, please contact us for further information.

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