High Resolution AHD Video Camera

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The CH-AHD4HD is a heavy duty, box style AHD camera with a high-resolution sensor for commercial applications, Effective Pixels: 1280(H)*960(V) for 720P output.
As this is an AHD camera it cannot be used with legacy video systems but is suitable for use with Chipatronic Analogue DVRsHybrid Monitors and other AHD compatible devices.

The CH-AHD4HD is available in three lens options: 120o for general purpose and reversing use, 65o for rear-vision in an e-mirror system, 20o for special applications where the area to be viewed is further away or a small area needs to be shown in high detail.

CH AHD4HD 120 degree view Vs 60 Vs 20 Image

All Chipatronic AHD cameras have heavy duty power supplies for reliable operation and use standard 4 pin connections to integrate with Chipatronic cabling systems which suit all our MDVRs and monitors.  This camera is available in a black body only, for white cameras please see the CH-HPC1MW or CH-HPC2DW.

As standard, the camera is Mirror Image for reverse use but can be easily converted to Real Image for use with MDVR systems.

A CVBS version of this is also available for use with legacy systems and standard monitors, please see CH-CCD4P-F


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