Surface mount eyeball style camera


The CH-AHDSMEB is a surface mount, eyeball style camera, typically used on the sides of buses and trucks but also suitable for caravans and motorhomes where a side view is desired.

The camera section is mounted inside a housing and can be rotated around as required to allow use on either right-hand or left-hand sides as well as the top or bottom of any flat area. Supplied with a miniature plug just 6mm diameter so that the smallest possible hole has to be drilled which plugs into an adaptor for a normal 4 pin aviation connection that fits our standard cabling system.

CH-AHDSMEB cable size

CH-AHDSMEB cable and adaptor

This is an AHD camera with 720P resolution as standard, 1080P output, CVBS video and other variations are available for special projects.
As standard the camera is in Mirror Image for reverse view application but is easily changed to Real Image for use with DVR systems by removing a link on the cable at the time of installation.
CH-AHDSMEB Real-Mirror

Audio input is also included on this camera making them suitable for applications where audio recording is required, whether internally or externally.

With a 45mm height, this is quite a low profile camera which is a desirable feature for side mounted devices and with the flexible adjustment provided this camera can be used in a wide variety of applications.


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