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Internal camera with WDR

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The CH-IC5.21 Internal Camera with WDR is a premium camera for use with MDVR systems for video recording in vehicles and features exceptional low light performance and WDT technology where light and dark areas in the camera image are balanced for an overall higher quality image which is particularly important in industrial applications and mining.

The CH-IC5.21 Internal Camera can be mounted on the inside of the windscreen or on a flat surface with a mounting bracket that allows flexible mounting options with self adhesive to stick onto the glass or screwed fixing to a hard surface where this is suitable.

Video quality starts with the camera being used and regardless of size or quality of the display, a poor camera will always deliver poor video quality which is why Chipatronic has striven for better quality using HD video rather than traditional Standard Definition (CVBS) video and the CH-IC5.21 has a high quality, 2MP Sony image sensor for 1080P video output and has been proven in industrial applications across Australia.

As this is an AHD camera it cannot be used with legacy video systems but is suitable for use with Chipatronic Analogue DVRsHybrid Monitors and other AHD compatible devices.

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