1080P HD Internal Camera with WDR

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The CH-IC5.21 camera is mainly used as a windscreen mounted camera but the advanced bracket system allows highly flexible mounting arrangements both on the inside of a glass windscreen using the included 3M tape or hard mounted on a body section.

The CH-IC5.21 also has an in-built microphone for audio input where in-cab audio is required and where this has been enabled in the MDVR. With a 2.1mm lens, this gives a wide angle view making this excellent for a “dashcam” style view through the windscreen. A 2.5mm lens version can also be provided where a slightly reduced width view is preferred.

This camera features the Sony IMX290 Starvis sensor for ground breaking video clarity and quality in almost any light conditions with WDR.
WDR  (Wide Dynamic Range) is a technology in the camera chip which balances the bright and dark areas in the field of view by compensating the light exposure within the image. If you have an area of bright light, usually the other areas will be quite dark, often to the point where little can be seen at all but with WDR the bright areas will be reduced and the dark areas increased resulting in an overall improvement which is often quite remarkable.


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