Side Mirror Bracket Camera

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The CH-AHDMBC is a Mirror Bracket mounting camera for use on trucks with tubular side mirror brackets.
By mounting the cameras on the mirror brackets a clear side view can be achieved which is particularly important with DVR systems on large trucks

This is an AHD camera for use with either Analogue DVR systems or with Hybrid vehicle monitors and is not suitable for use with older, legacy systems which use only CVBS video input.

A popular application is on trucks with two side cameras and one or two rear cameras to allow the driver to see either side and behind the truck using a QUAD monitor.
In this way, simultaneous, side by side view can be provided or with more cameras three or four cameras can be viewed in a split-screen arrangement.

CH STQAHD10 monitor

For legacy CVBS systems, please see the CH-CCDMBC which uses the same housing but with traditional, lower resolution video transmission

The cameras have a standard 4 pin connection and are in AHD PAL format (other formats and resolution available to special order), 720P resolution, 12V DC

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