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The CH-AHD4HD.3 is a high resolution vehicle camera with for commercial applications, either as a high quality rear-view or reverse camera or for use with MDVR systems to record video onboard a vehicle.
This is part of a range of cameras that all use the same external housing but have different sensor chipsets depending on what the intended use is and cameras should generally be selected to suit the rest of the system.

This version CH-AHD4HD.3, is fitted with a Sony IMX323 sensor and has an effective pixel count of 1920(H)*1080(V) for 1080P output and is used as an external camera on many Chipatronic MDVR installations. The camera has a Mirror image as standard so can be used with a monitor as part of a reverse camera or rear-view system but can easily be changed to Real image by cutting the function wire on the cable. This change can be reversed by re-joining the wire.

A special version for use in light/dark situations that uses WDR is also available with the CH-AHD4HD-WDR camera the next step up in the range but is best suited to DVR use as the WDR effect is not always best for display on standard monitors.

As this is an AHD camera it cannot be used with legacy video systems but is suitable for use with Chipatronic Analogue DVRsHybrid Monitors and other AHD compatible devices.

The CH-AHD4HD.3 is available with a standard 3.6mm lens  (approx. 120o) for general purpose and reversing use, but can be provided with optional lenses  including 6.0mm (60o) for rear-vision in an e-mirror system or 12.0mm  (20o)for special applications where the area to be viewed is further away or a small area needs to be shown in high detail. For most situations the standard lens will be used but please consult our sales team where there are particular requirements for the vision to be displayed/captured.

CH AHD4HD 120 degree view Vs 60 Vs 20 Image

All Chipatronic AHD cameras have heavy duty power supplies for reliable operation and use standard 4 pin connections to integrate with Chipatronic cabling systems which suit all our MDVRs and monitors.  This camera is available in a black body only, for white cameras please see the CH-HPC1MW or CH-HPC2DW.

The CH-AHD4HD.3 and other cameras in this series now all feature IP69K protection rating with added sealing to prevent water ingress.

A CVBS version of this is also available for use with legacy systems and standard monitors, please see CH-CCD4P-F


CH-AHD4HD Specifications PDF
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3.6mm, 6.0mm, 12.0mm

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