1-4 channel SD MDVR

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The CH-SDAHDVR4-4G is part of the range of Chipatronic Mobile Digital Video Recorders (MDVRs) which are used in industrial and commercial vehicles to record video which is stored on either an SSD hard drive or SD Card internally.
This model uses an SD card and as such is suited for applications where a smaller form factor is best suited or where extended storage is not required and has the optional 4G wireless module for remote connectivity.

These systems can use high definition AHD cameras for high resolution video files recording at either 1080P Full HD or 720P HD as well as supporting older, CVBS cameras at lower resolution. Each channel configuration is automatically set based on the cameras being used with individual configurations able to be individually customised if required.

Chipatronic specialises in AHD cameras in 720P and 1080P with models to suit mots commercial and industrial applications,
Please see our range here.

Wireless Access
By using our CMS cloud server solution, any MDVR host which is connected to the Internet by either Wi-Fi or 4G mobile can be checked remotely using a Smartphone or Windows computer using a free app. The status of the host can be seen (online or offline), with the location and speed of the vehicle shown (if GPS module is fitted) and a video preview from the onboard cameras can also be seen. Saved video files from the host can be replayed directly on a Smartphone but can only be downloaded and saved using the Windows PC software should a copy be required immediately.
A company CMS account is required to gain access to the platform with each vehicle then requiring a server licence to be added in to the vehicle list. Wi-Fi access is only possible while the host device is within adequate range of a WLAN to which it has been connected while 4G provides access anywhere within the mobile network footprint. Both systems work using data transfer
and as such care should be taken to ensure that appropriate provision is made for the intended use as mobile data has much higher costs and may be slower in areas where network congestion is present.

Fleet Management with CMS
Using the CMSv6 app, authorised users are able to view a complete list of vehicles, check their status and for online units, see the location and view video preview which can show the load, traffic conditions or other views from any of the cameras fitted.
Maintenance staff can have access to this so that vehicle DVR systems can be checked quickly and easily to ensure that all cameras are working and that the view is correct as these can be bumped or moved from the original position.


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