Caravan camera kit with single camera + monitor

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HCMKIT3 caravan camera kit includes a single, Hybrid caravan camera and monitor with full set of standard cables for car and caravan plus removable, flexible connection between car and van.
For details on the cabling kits, please see here.

This provides a robust and long lasting cabling solution designed to be used repeatedly with weatherproof sockets on the car and van leaving nothing hanging to get dirt and water in so alleviates a lot of the common problems with traditional trailer plugs which remain attached on a cable tail.

The Hybrid camera provides high resolution video which is displayed on the included monitor which clips over the existing rear-view mirror and gives the driver very clear vision from behind the van.
Dash mount monitors are also available as options as well as replacement rear-view mirrors with in-built monitor.
As the Hybrid cameras have the best image quality in AHD mode, this can only be used with compatible monitors shown below although these cameras can be re-programmed to suit other monitors including in-dash screens but they will display in lower resolution, CVBS video only with these.

Standard camera supplied is the CH-HPC1WD and this can be changed to any of the following: CH-HPC1MB CH-HPC1BD CH-HPC1MW if required.

These camera are all suitable for general purpose / reversing use but for constant rear vision from the back of your van while driving we recommend using the narrow angle version of these cameras.

Vehicle camera for caravans and commercial vehicles 120 degree view

Wide angle & Narrow angle cmeras

Wide angle & narrow angle cameras available

The kit can also be optioned up to include our unique, dual hybrid camera CH-HPC2DB which has one camera with wide angle for reversing and a second camera with a narrower angle for driving in a single mounting to give the driver high resolution AHD vision continually.

Kit with RearView Mirror mount monitor

HCMKIT3 rear view mirror reversing camera kit

Kit with Stand (dash mount) monitor

HCMKIT3 dash mounted rear view monitor reversing camera kit


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