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 RunSwitch is a unique product designed to assist in the installation of electrical accessories in cars but also suits most 12V automotive applications including; motorcycles, ATV/Quad bikes, trucks (12V system only), construction machinery and static systems such as engine powered generators.


RunSwitch connects to constant power (battery or a circuit connected directly to the battery) and when the engine starts a separate 12V supply is switched on to provide an accessory circuit for the connection of accessories.


The device includes a 7.5A fuse for protection and if higher current is required, a relay can be added and operated by the RunSwitch.

This is especially relevant to modern cars with CanBUS systems where accessory power is not always easily available and tapping into an existing circuit is not always possible or advisable.

RunSwitch suits any engine powered system with 12V electrical including; cars & 4WD, motorcycles, ATV/Quadbikes, construction machinery, trucks with 12V electrics and static machines such as generators.


The RunSwich is not a VSR but senses electrical signals on the system when the engine is running and will shut power off when the engine stops.

If power is required for a time after the motor is stopped the RunSwitchPlus will maintain the accessory power supply for up to 90 minutes and also has battery condition sensing to prevent excessive discharge of the battery and will shut down if the battery is reaching a point where it will not be able to start the engine.


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