Professional CCTV Tester with HDMI for MDVR systems


MDRV Installation Tester with camera signal and monitor input tester for both CVBS and AHD  plus HDMI input for checking MDVR video output for use by professional installers and maintenance staff.

The CH-CT5HD CCTV Tester is recommended for MDVR installers as this features a HDMI input to connect to the output from Chipatronic DVRs and also provides quick and easy testing of the cameras with display of either CVBS camera or AHD camera inputs. HDMI provides a superior video image and even with a 5″ LCD the on-screen menu from the DVR is able to used effectively.
Input from cameras or the HDMI is selected by the slide switch on the lower end.

CH-CT5HD Input Selector

Input selector switch

Monitor/display testing and DVR input testing can be done by using the Colour-bar output and is selected by changing the test cable to the Video Out terminal and send a video signal which allows testing from the camera attachment point to confirm camera cable integrity and that the signal is being processed by the DVR.

A re-chargeable lithium battery supplies 12V power to the cameras(<1,000mA), and the USB charge cable is included.
The tester is supplied with standard 4 Pin male connector. Other accessories and adaptors are available if required.
To test DVR input and standard 4 pin monitors, a female-to-female gender changer is required, for other connection options see our range of standard accessories.

CH-4PF2F adaptor

CH-4PF2F Female Gender Changer

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