5 pin curly cable between car and van

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The CCB Curly Cord or “Bungy Cable” is a heavy duty and flexible connection between the tow vehicle and the caravan/trailer.
A 5 Aopulo Pin plug fits the weatherproof caravan cables for car and van and is more secure than standard trailer plugs with a screw up locking system so there is no way that this can come undone while on the move.

The plug body is easy to hold and remove which decreases the risk of cable damage from incorrect removal by pulling on the cable which makes this a long lasting system and much easier to use than smaller connections.

vehicle Curly Cord or "Bungy Cable" for vehicle to caravan or towing

These are a 5 pin plug/socket system, the CCB has receptacles and as such is termed Female while the matching socket has pins and so is the Male.

vehicle Curly Cord or "Bungy Cable" for vehicle to caravan or towing

The plugs and sockets are “keyed” so that they cannot be incorrectly inserted and use stronger, thicker insulation to provide the spring effect which means that the connector is able to move freely without being loose enough to be readily damaged.



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