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The CH-RVM733H is a new generation e-mirror which can be used to replace traditional mirrors in light commercial vehicles where a service body or full canopy has been fitted and rear-vison is restricted.

This comprises a replacement mirror package with a full width, 7.3" LCD with both AHD and CVBS camera support and three video inputs to facilitate a complete rear vision package with advanced imaging technology allowing the use of high-resolution AHD cameras for truly excellent vision, previously not possible.

Where a full service body is fitted and there is no rear-vision possible using the internal, windscreen mounted mirror, AHD cameras can be used at the rear to provide a similar level of image quality to what the driver would expect normally and by using two cameras with different lenses mounted side by side, both normal driving vision and reverse vision can be provided.
A third camera can be added to the system if desired for special purpose use such as front view or if the vehicle is used for towing, a camera can be fitted to show the tow hitch clearly.

Straight back for driving
The camera which is used constantly for driving will provide a better view of cars on the road behind than most standard cameras as it has a narrower angle lens than is usually standard.

Reverse Looking Down
The second camera is used for reversing and this is angled down and has a standard, wide-angle lens to show the area behind with as much detail as possible.

With the CH-RVM733H a customised solution can be provided for fleet operators, service-body builders, canopy suppliers and owners of utilities with canopies fitted as the cameras and cabling are chosen to suit each application rather than a one-size fits all approach.

Dual AHDFMC setup

CH HPC2DB 1 small


Choosing The Right Monitor

The monitor is what you will be looking at so choosing this is very important so there are a few basic questions to ask before you start:

  • Where do you want to be looking?
  • How big does the screen need to be?
  • How many cameras will be connected?
  • Any special requirements?

Specialist Distributors

Our Distributors, who are all experts in this specialised field, are qualified to sell and install our products to the highest standard to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our product and service.

Due to the complex nature of modern vehicles Chipatronic does not recommend DIY installation of any of our products where this involves connection to the vehicle's electrical system as this affect the safe operation of the vehicle.

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