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The CH-AHDFMC is an AHD  flush mount camera which can be fitted to service-bodies, canopies etc. to leave a clean finish without protrusions and is supplied with a bevel ring kit to enable the camera to tilted downwards when this is being used primarily for reversing. If being used as a rear-vision camera the bevel ring is not generally used.

Dual AHDFMC setup

This camera is designed to be used as part of an e-mirror system and would be commonly used in conjunction with the CH-RVM733H mirror monitor or the CH-STQAHD10 / CH-STQAHD7 quad monitors but can be used with any AHD compatible monitor.
This can also be converted to Real Image for connection to an Analogue DVR 

The CH-AHDFMC is available in three lens options: 120o for general purpose and reversing use, 65o for rear-vision in an e-mirror system, 20o for special applications where the area to be viewed is further away or a small area needs to be shown in high detail.

120 vs 60 vs 20 image

Standard 120o lens and 12V power, no guidelines.
4 Pin, AHD format with 720P resolution, 12V DC, 25mm dia, 120o lens

Specialist Distributors

Our Distributors, who are all experts in this specialised field, are qualified to sell and install our products to the highest standard to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our product and service.

Due to the complex nature of modern vehicles Chipatronic does not recommend DIY installation of any of our products where this involves connection to the vehicle's electrical system as this affect the safe operation of the vehicle.

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