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CH-DWCCD caravan and commercial vehicle cameras

Dual camera are commonly used for caravans and motorhomes with one wide angle camera which can be rotated downwards for reversing and a second narrower angle camera for rear vision while driving which is facing backwards.
The driving camera provides a clearer view of what is behind the van than most standard cameras as it has a narrow lens angle of 65o rather than the 120o used for the reversing camera.

The cameras each have a 4 pin connector and a custom adaptor is included to integrate into standard Chipatronic cabling systems.

A special adaptor will be required to connect the cameras to a monitor, depending on whether you have 4 pin or RCA inputs on the monitor being used.

CH-4M2FX is for 4 pin systems CH 4M2FX

CH-4MRCA is for RCA systemsCH 4MRCA Straight

White and Black versions are both available.
4 pin connections with NTSC format, 12V DC
IR LEDs for improved night vision on both cameras to 10m


Specialist Distributors

Our Distributors, who are all experts in this specialised field, are qualified to sell and install our products to the highest standard to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our product and service.

Due to the complex nature of modern vehicles Chipatronic does not recommend DIY installation of any of our products where this involves connection to the vehicle's electrical system as this affect the safe operation of the vehicle.

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