The HCMKIT2 is a camera and monitor kit to convert an existing (compatible) caravan camera system to high quality AHD video using the Hybrid Series cameras and monitor.


Any existing camera system which has industry standard 4 pin cabling already installed can be upgraded to higher quality AHD using this kit by just replacing the camera on the van and the monitor in the car.

Chipatronic use industry standard cabling and for caravans we recommend our caravan cable system with 7.5m cable for the car and 15m cable for the van both of which terminate in 4 pin connectors so power and video are all in the one cable. A heavy duty, flexible curly cable (bungee) is used to connect the car and caravan so when disconnected there are no plugs dangling to get full of dirt and water.

Basic cabling systems with 4 pin connection between car and van can still be used or we can also upgrade these to the heavy duty system with the CH-4-5PCK conversion kit.

Please check out our Monitors for further details on dash mount and mirror monitors which can also be used as optional items.

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Specialist Distributors

Our Distributors, who are all experts in this specialised field, are qualified to sell and install our products to the highest standard to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our product and service.

Due to the complex nature of modern vehicles Chipatronic does not recommend DIY installation of any of our products where this involves connection to the vehicle's electrical system as this affect the safe operation of the vehicle.

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