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Software Downloads

VLC Player for all video files. Suitable for playing all videos for Chipatronic DVRs.
This can be downloaded directly from VideoLan website http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

hPlayer is the latest software for use with the CH-AHDVR4. CH-DVR4B, CH-HDVR4, CH-AHDVR8, CH-SHDVR004 and CH-HDVR4-4 systems (all variants).
This allows all video files to be played and watched simultaneously instead of individually.

Click cloud download arrow downto download hPlayer (via DropBox) Latest version: Please update if you have a previous version.

hPlayer Basic User GuidepdfhPlayer_User_Guide_V12.pdf

CMSv6 Software for online access to DVR
Download Client Software for your device

CMSv6 Manual
CMSV6_Operation_Manual_V1.1.pdf3.33 MB

GVP Windows Software for Motorcycle DVRs

Click GVP Software Download to access the download (via DropBox).

Send Us Your Images & Videos

We encourage our customers and end-users to send us copies of videos from our DVRs which showcase the benefits and usage of these systems and also any photos showing our products installed and how they are assisting you as an owner.

Please send images in JPG format.Unfortunately videos are usually too big to email, however if they have been uploaded to YouTube, you can send us the URL or otherwise contact us and we will make further arrangements. The upload utility is on our Contact Us page.

Client Images

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  • Ekebol custom tilt tray on Kenworth chassis
  • CH-DVR4-3G in Ekebol Tilt Tray
  • Rear cameras for DVR on Ekebol Kenworth
  • Dual cameras on utility with slide-off canopy (TJM Cairns)
  • CH-UMC170 below tray as reversing camera (TJM Cairns)
  • Hema HN7 used as a monitor with two cameras (TJM Cairns)
  • CH-AMC170 installed on canopy using HN7 as the monitor (TJM Cairns)
  • CH-SCCD4PHD Install on Truck Cab
  • CH-WCCD Install on Van