DVR Cameras & Accessories


    Small, surface mount camera for rear or side mounting on caravans, trucks and other large vehicles. The camera is able to be rotated inside the housing to suit virtually any mounting position to provide rear vision or side vision. 4 pin connector suits Chipatronic cabling systems., AHD, 720P resolution, 12V DC


    CH-CCDMBC mirror bracket camera

    The CH-CCDMBC is a Mirror Bracket mounting camera for use on trucks with tubular side mirror brackets.
    By mounting the cameras on the mirror brackets a clear side view can be achieved which is particularly important with DVR systems on large trucks

    This is a CVBS camera for use with either legacy DVR systems or with standard vehicle monitors and by using a QUAD monitor, simultaneous, side by side view can be provided.
    Another popular application is on road maintenance trucks with two side camera and 1 rear camera to allow the driver to see road workers on either side and behind the truck. This also uses a QUAD monitor but in a three camera split screen.

    For AHD systems, please see the CH-AHDMBC.

    Standard 4 pin connection, PAL format standard with NTSC available to special order, 700TVL resolution, 12V DC

  • CH-CT04AHD

    CH-CT04AHD Windscreen camera

    Most DVR systems will require a forward facing camera to capture the driver's view of the road ahead and this requires a specialised camera as the majority of standard cameras are too large.

    The CH-CT04AHD is a miniature camera designed so that it cam be mounted on the inside of the windscreen of most trucks, buses and other vehicles.

    CT04 on Windscreen small

    This is a 720P AHD camera suitable for use with the CH-AHDVR4 series and CH-HDVR4-4 series recorders and will provide high quality video images in most situations when installed correctly.

    • AHD 720P camera
    • CMOS Image Sensor
    • 1280 x 960 pixel
    • f2.35mm Megapixel lens
    • No LED
    • 36mm x 29.5mm body size with adjustable bracket
  • CH-CT05ED


    High resolution, extra heavy duty camera for use with Analogue DVR systems. This camera has thicker glass and body casting to be suitable for environments where the camera may be subject to impacts or shocks. Available in AHD with 1080P or 720P output for high quality video. Note that 1080P cameras can only be used with 2 channel  AHD systems at present

    CH CT05ED Dimensions


    CCTV tester

    Camera and Monitor tester for CVBS and AHD with 5" LCD for use by professional installers.

    The CH-CTAHD5 provides installers with a quick and easy way to test most automotive cameras and monitors, great for installation checks and fault finding with automatic detection and display of either CVBS camera or AHD camera inputs.

    A re-chargeable lithium battery supplies 12V power to the cameras(<1,000mA), and the USB charge cable is included.
    The tester is supplied with standard 4 Pin male connector. Other accessories and adaptors are available if required, see our range of standard accessories.



  • CH-EBA

    CH-EBA Event / Alarm button

    Event / Alarm button for external Start/Stop of recording control with LED indicators for status visibility. Also includes IR input for remote control unit to assist in setup and control without direct access to the DVR. Suits all models.

  • CH-HDVC9

    CH-HDVC10 Extension cable for HD camera to HD DVR connection

    Extension cable for HD camera to HD DVR connection, 9m long with in-built signal booster. Suits CH-SHDVR004 models, CH-HDVR4 and CH-HDVR8 models and CH-HDVR4-4 may be joined with another cable to make longer assemblies when needed. Max recommended length 18m.


    CH-SCCDBUS caravan and commercial vehicle cameras

    720P High resolution dome camera for use internally with analogue DVR systems, principally for buses or similar. Flush mounting with vandal resistant design the camera can be rotated as required. AHD 720P resolution with IR LEDs for improved night vision to 15m. Real Image only. 4 pin connections suits standard cable system and Analogue DVR, 12V DC



    The CH-USBSATA is a USB to SATA cable which connects the DVR hard drive to a computer via USB.

    For fast and easy browsing of recorded files we recommend connecting the hard drive directly to the computer which allows file access in the same manner as any other external drive.
    Copying files will be as quick as possible using standard file/folder tools.


  • HD DVR Cameras

    HD Camera

    HD DVR systems require specialised cameras which do not suit any other application. The cameras are all capable of Full HD video capture (1920 x 1080 resolution).
    Specialised cable to suit are available to connect back to the DVR. Cable lengths available are: 3m | 6.2m | 9m

    CH-HDCVC08 is a internal camera with audio input. This usually mounts inside the windscreen for forward view. 
    CH HDVC08 with Windscreen Bracket web

    CH-HDCVC18 is a dome camera normally used inside buses. This has IR LEDs for night vision and is IP65 rated.
    CH HDVC18web

    CH-HDCVC28 is an external, box style camera commonly used for rear use. This has IR LEDs for night vision and is IP66 rated.
    CH HDVC28web

    CH-HDCVC38 is a mini-dome camera for use either inside or outside. This has IR LEDs for night vision and is IP65 rated.
    CH HDCVC38

    CH-HDCVC58 is a bullet style camera normally used externally but can be used internally and can be specified with audio included. This has IR LEDs for night vision and is IP66 rated.
    CH HDCVC58 1small

    CH-HDCVC68 is a surface mount camera with multi-direction adjustment and rotation inside the outer housing. This has IR LEDs for night vision and is IP66 rated.
    HDCVC68 Camera