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The CH-RVMAHD73H is a popular choice for caravan towing, motorhomes etc. With a large 7” LCD this Clip-on Mirror/Monitor goes over the original rearview mirror without removing it providing vision from the rear-facing camera exactly where you normally look while driving and still providing a mirror when not in use.
Having the monitor in this position enables checking the rear view when required without having to look down or to change modes on another screen.
The clip-on design allows this to installed easily and it can be left in place as the coated glass is quite suitable for everyday use as a rear-view mirror but is also easily removed after disconnecting the wiring harness which plugs into the monitor by way of a short cable with a multi-pin socket.

Two AHD/CVBS inputs (with 4 pin connections) are available to support either a single or dual camera setup on your van and when used with our high resolution, hybrid cameras in AHD mode, provide exceptional video quality for rear-view or reversing with a 1024 x 600 pixel LCD. 

The third channel is mainly intended for a reverse camera so has an RCA connection and is activated by a trigger from the reversing circuit on the vehicle. This suits CVBS cameras only with the CH-SRC1U highly recommended for this.

The CH-RVMAHD73H can also be used on vehicles with a full canopy/service body or enclosed bodywork such as tradesman's utility, delivery van etc. to provide full time rear vision in the same way that a mirror is used.

CH RVMON74P Front Rear
The two main camera inputs can be selected using the V1/V2 touch button on the glass.
V3 is only activated when the reverse trigger has 12/24V DC applied.

7” LCD, 1024 x 600 pixel
V1/V2 - 4 Pin input x 2, AHD or CVBS
V3 - RCA input, CVBS PAL or NTSC compatible.
Power - 12/24V DC

Recommended camera for single camera rear vision on Caravan: CH-HPC1WD  in conjunction with standard caravan cables.
Recommended camera for dual camera rear vision and reversing on Caravan: CH-HPC2DB  in conjunction with standard caravan cables.
Recommended camera for reversing applications: CH-SRC1U


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